Christine Buser

Fabrication, work

I would be happy to turn your ideas or mine into individual pieces of jewelry for you. Each piece I make with my own hands. In addition, I process, except precious metals, also natural and artificial materials such as non-ferrous metals, precious woods, plastics or recycled materials. To make new things, to repair defective things, to appreciate inherited things or to realize ideas is my work.







I will be happy to advise you on any questions or requests that have to do with jewelry or jewelry-related items. For example, with inherited jewelry or valuables, it is important to examine all items and estimate the value. Advice on how to rework jewelry into a personal keepsake will help with such decisions.




Living room tables

The base of the tables consists of five elements that can be easily folded. The copper tray is hand-forged and is placed on the underframe. Decorative feet, for example, made of bronze, ebony or other materials, I am happy to make according to individual wishes and to order.







Schachen 24

CH-5000 Aarau

+41 (0)76 420 17 57


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